Why See An Iridologist If You Are Battling An Auto-Immune Disease?

What is Iridology?  

In brief...it is simply the diagnosis of health problems by examining the iris of the eye. The eye 👁 has been said to be the monitor screen 📺 of the inside of the body and has been proven to show where areas of the body are inflamed or not functioning properly. It is gentle, and a non-invasive analysis of the colored part of your eye, the iris. How does it work? Well, it’s so simple! An Iridologist will use an eye camera 📷 with a light 💡 in it, take a picture, uploads it to a computer and starts to examine it, often with the use of an eye chart, and that’s it. You can do it yourself at home with the same equipment but it might not be as accurate because you are not trained to read all of the little details as well or as fast as a certified Iridologist is, of course😉 If there is not one available in your area you can also look for one online, but again you will most likely need to purchase a usb eye camera to take the best picture possible for them to study. 

Why it is more helpful at diagnosing many auto-immune diseases over traditional blood tests?

It is often more helpful at diagnosing several auto-immune issues than many blood tests because several  auto-immune issues do not show up in blood work, and if they do it is a very lengthy and expensive process to find them. When trying to find the root cause of your hidden illnesses is tantamount to fixing them long term, I can honestly say through experience, Iridology is one of the best places to start and one of the most effective resources I have tried! Because it quickly reveals weaknesses in your nervous system, hormones and organs you can start to attack the issues at their core right away, instead just putting a bandaid on the problem, which only delays the sickness! It is cost effective, doesn’t rquire insurance and it is quick and painless, so it can’t hurt you... who dosen’t love that! ❤️ 

Why I chose to see an Iridologist?

After years of research, doctors, blood tests and alternative medicines, I finally had learned what sicknesses I was dealing with but I still could not find the source of my problems and why the treatment I was trying was effective sometimes but not all of the time. I had had a relapse in my Chronic Fatigue in last year do too over work, stress, and not eating properly and I was desperate to feel better. I had tried every kind of doctor in the past so this time I wanted to try something different. I had heard from several friends on the past about their experiences seeing an Iridologist and how they were able to finally find the source of their sicknesses which had lead them down the path of consistent recovery with hardly any relapses so I knew I had to find one myself. I heard about one here, so my husband and I made an appointment right away, and boy were we shocked at what we learned!😲

What was my experience? 

We had decided before we talked to the Iridologist that I would not tell him any of my symptoms or health problems before he diagnosed me, so that’s what I did...quiet as a church mouse the entire time.... Within a minute of reading my eye he told me almost every single thing I had been dealing with....the dizziness, ear 👂 pain, jaw pain and leg pain from Fibromyalgia, the chronic fatigue, the chronic constipation, and several more! We couldn’t believe it, our mouths open and our jaws on the floor😳... It was in the next few minutes that he described the cause of my issues, stating that I had been born with a genetic nervous system disorder that easily can be thrown out of whack through a stressful lifestyle that is not controlled. He mentioned how my nervous system had not been sending the proper signals for a very .ong time to my “second brain” 🧠 in my gut, which in time caused several intentional issues resulting in long term constipation, a permeable intestinal lining, and several food intolerances! Through a lot of study I learned that many issues, including Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue were often started from an unhealthy gut, which lead to inflammation and several hormonal disfunctions, so that all made so much sense to me, but I had never heard this could be a cause until that day! I was elated! Just to be sure this diagnosis was real I had my husband tested too, who seems to be in perfect health no matter what he eats 😆, just to compare....Sure enough, the Iridologist said he was in perfect health with nothing to worry about for now. So at that point I was sold! I had finally found out why I had been dealing with health problems my whole life, despite trying to be so healthy.... To clean out my colon and get my body cleaned out he prescribed going on a mostly raw, vegan diet for about 3 months, drinking tons of water in between meals, not during, and taking several herbs to assist with the clean out 😝... he also stressed cutting out everything I deem as fun, I.e. coffee, vinegar, sugar, ect... which I have to admit did not settle well with me....but I was willing to try to get better...

What have been my results so far and how I have adapted the advice to fit my body’s needs?

I have been very good about taking most of the 🌿 herbs, drinking my water in between meals, cutting out almost all processed sugars and foods and eating more fruits and veggies raw......but after one month doing every thing else...I stopped, but I would like to tell you why. I currently have a list of foods I am intolerant to that mostly consist of fruits and veggies, so I was extremely limited in what I could eat and it was becoming a major stress in my life as well as causing me anaxiety. Every where I went I could not find something to eat, and even when I was home I was struggling to make meals that could fill me up and satisfy me that I also enjoyed eating... I had previously cut out coffee ☕️ in my life for 6 ,on this and although I am sure it was a good break for my body, I was so miserable 😩 the entire time, hating mornings, not just because it gave me a jolt of energy, but more so because it made me feel happy and gave me such a sense of comfort, which I needed not feeling well so often... I took all the herbs he prescribed religiously at first, but then I started to notice that I was getting extreme anxiety like I had never experienced in my life! Through years of research I learned that most anxiety is caused from food intolerances or allergy’s so that’s when I realized something I was taking must be the culprit. After examining one of the herbs he gave me I saw that it was a “severe” food intolerance for me and I quickly got off that too! So I decided to go back to listening to what my body craved each day and started eating that instead of following a strict vegan diet, and instantly I started feeling better! The lessen I knew before but seemed to need to learn again, was that each of us are different and a one sized diet does not fit us all, even in the healing process...so from now on I will always try to remember that... And also I learned that the source of my problem was simple, I just needed to attack it in the right way for me.... but all in all, I am thrilled with my experience with seeing an Iridologist and I would recommend it to anyone who is frustrated with their health conditions who are looking for real answers as to why they are sick. But as far as treatment goes, I would always recommend to listen to your body and do what makes you feel better, even if it’s not right for someone else. ✊😁

Stayed tuned to see my current diet and lifestyle and the results I’m getting from it. It may be something that can work for you as well!

- Written By: Suzanne W., Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Owner of Cocolime Fitness “Workouts for Fibeomyalgia, Fatigue & More!”