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Your programs and videos have been an amazing find. I’ve now reached the 5 year “anniversary” of dealing with fibromyalgia and migraines. I used to be so active and it was a struggle to find any fun exercise program that I could do. I finished one of your earlier programs and am now on day 23 of the MITFIT 90 and this has been the best I’ve felt in 5 years. So thank you for giving time and effort to creating this program. 
— Emily Woods
I have endometriosis, IBS, Fibromyalgia and goodness knows what else. Last year was a bad year for me health wise. I was spiraling down the rabbit hole when I found Cocolime Fitness. I decided to change my life style and include Cocolime on this journey. I just started but wow! I can already feel a difference! I love MITFIT 90 and am glad you did this for us all. Thank you, thank you!!
— Crystal Dwyer-Smith
I started the program and adore it. I actually look forward to exercising now! Before, I would dread it and hope it was over as soon as I started. Lol and I dont know if it’s a coincidence or not but I’ve lost 4 pounds! I gained 20 pounds from stress and could not get rid of it no matter what I’ve been doing. So to lose 4 is amazing! 
— Tonia Reed

Are you REady to start Feeling Better?

If you’ve been suffering with chronic pain and fatigue, such as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Adrenal Fatigue, Hashimoto’s and more, then this program is for YOU!

Are you ready to get in shape, while feeling amazing and energized at the same time? Usually when we choose a fitness program our goal is to look and feel better but, let’s face it, the opposite always seems to happen. The programs are often so intense and so rigorous that over time we give up and end up gaining all the weight we lost from doing them. We find ourselves feeling frustrated and exhausted, all the while putting a huge dent in our egos and pocket books… am I right? Well, that is why I created a fitness program for you guys that will do the exact opposite!

MITFIT 90 is a complete fitness program that is unlike anything else out there! It has exercise routines that I have specifically designed to combine the needs of reducing pain, achieving more energy, and reaching your fitness goals fast! Each toning routine is different and you will never repeat the same exercise twice in the same routine. This helps to keep your muscles guessing, which increases strength, corrects any muscle imbalances, and prevents unnecessary injury or pain caused from too much repetition. Each cardio routine is fun and gets your heart rate up so you can burn calories and lose weight over time, while still being low-impact and medium intensity to prevent energy dips and joint pain.

FALL SALE! Get Mitfit 90 for Only $99!

MITFIT 90 is a one-time purchase for a Lifetime Membership! I say “Lifetime” because, as many of you know, I don’t recommend exercising when your body tells you that it needs to rest, so realistically for the majority of you, MITFIT 90 will be a program you can follow for six months, a year, or even longer! And yes, you can repeat the phases over and over, so it will be your go-to program for the long term.

I’ll continue to update MITFIT 90 with new features and helpful information at no cost to members.

Believe me, there’s nothing like this out there for people in our community of chronic pain and fatigue sufferers! I promise you won’t be disappointed. Thank you so much for all your support of Cocolime Fitness over the past few years and I sincerely hope that MITFIT 90 will help you on your journey to feel better and get back to being you!

The workouts in MITFIT 90 are not available on YouTube or anywhere else. They are exclusive to MITFIT 90 members and you can download the videos to keep forever. The workouts are organized into a 90 day program that is split into three phases to progressively help you feel better and achieve your fitness goals. Some of you may be able to finish the program in three months. Others may need more rest between workout days, and that’s OK, too! Believe me, whether you take three months or even up to a year to finish MITFIT 90 you’re going to be amazed how good you start to feel and look within the first few weeks!

The program includes a Nutrition Pack with a step-by-step process to help you eat in a way to reduce inflammation and make you feel good. The Recipe Book contains 50 recipes I have developed myself and that have worked great for me. The Lifestyle Pack gives you a step-by-step process to help turn your condition around and progressively feel better. These packs are RESOURCES that you will refer to for years, not just a quick read that you’ll glance over and never use again, I promise!

MITFIT 90 is not just a bunch of information I found on the internet and cut and pasted into documents for you. Believe me, I’ve been through my share of reading that kind of stuff! What I’m sharing with you are the results of years of research and trying everything out there to deal with my chronic illness. I’ve eliminated the things that are a waste of time and energy, and given you step-by-step phases that you can work with to discover what really works for you and will help you to get back to being YOU!



HERE ARE THE 5 Features of MITFIT 90:

Here are details of the five features of MITFIT 90 and how you will benefit from them. With your One Time Purchase you will gain LIFETIME ACCESS to all this content. No subscriptions or renewals. Life is complicated enough without having to deal with renewing subscriptions! I truly care about helping you deal with your chronic health issues and want you to get better, and I know from experience, you can’t put a timer on your recovery. So with MITFIT 90 you can take your time. Go at your own pace. Everything is designed to be progressive at any rate you go, as long as you follow the sequences closely.


90 Day Workout Calendar

The Workout Calendar is probably what you think of first when you’re considering purchasing a fitness program. The idea behind a workout calendar is to exercise in a way that is progressive, where you are strategically healing and molding your body. My workout calendar covers 90 days that are split into three separate phases.

Phase 1 will help you get accustomed to exercising regularly, improve your posture, flexibility and mobility. You should start to experience less daily pain as you progress through this phase.

Phase 2 will help increase your endurance and strength. You’ll gain confidence in doing some of the things you used to do before and now you’ll have the energy to give them a try again!

Phase 3 will really start toning your body with slightly more intense and lengthier workout days. You’re going to love the way you look and you’ll have the motivation to keep it going!

The Workout Calendar is easily accessible on the MITFIT 90 site with your membership. Just click on the day you are on and the workouts for the day will pop up in the proper sequence. I’ve also provided a PDF file you can print out to keep track of your progress.

Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 2.32.18 PM.png

Workout video library

The Workout Video Library gives you easy access to all the MITFIT 90 videos in one place.

On this page you can easily DOWNLOAD my workouts to your computer. I know many of you prefer this because of your internet speed where you exercise or for other reasons, so I wanted to give you the ability to keep these workouts for life! Most likely you’ll be using them long after you finish the MITFIT 90 program…

As a side note, it’s really easy to use my videos on your television! You can download the workouts to a USB stick and easily connect it to your TV. If you have an AppleTV or another way to mirror your computer screen or mobile device screen on your TV you can do that as well. Either way, it’s fun to workout in your Living Room on your big screen, and personally, I think the videos look even better on your TV!


Recipe Book

This contains 50 of my personal recipes that I’ve experimented with over the years to make tasty foods that work with food intolerances and allergies. These are not recipes I copied from other websites! Over the years I had to experiment with all sorts of ingredients to help my condition, and believe me, I made tons of mistakes along the way! Just ask my husband, ha ha! So here I've included recipes that are proven to work and are easy to make. I also tried to stay away from suggesting crazy ingredients that are impossible to find! I know how frustrating that can be.

The Recipe Book also includes quick, easy meal ideas for you to mix and match to create your own balanced and healthy combinations.

The recipes are easy accessible on the MITFIT 90 site, or you can download a PDF version to keep! So are you ready to enjoy cooking and eating again?


nutrition pack

The Nutrition Pack contains 9 Progressive steps that build on each other to help you quickly change the way you eat so you can reduce inflammation and feel so much better!

I don’t believe in making drastic moves that are so stressful to implement that it becomes counterproductive. Most likely, you’ve experienced that already! So this will help you make strategic, progressive steps to understand what affects you and what is helping so you can turn your life around and get back the energy you once had!

Here are some things you will learn: Should I cut out food groups entirely? Is it ok to have cheat meals, and if so, how often? What foods are known to cause inflammation? What does your body temperature tell you about your condition? What are symptoms of food intolerances (food intolerances are different than food allergies)? What are the benefits of probiotics and vitamins? Which foods contain the vitamins and minerals I need? How can I prevent poor digestion? How do I calculate how many calories my body needs?

These are just a few samples of the types of things you’ll learn with the MITFIT 90 Nutrition Pack! Access it on the site or download a PDF version for your reference.

Again, I introduce concepts in an easy progression so it’s not overwhelming. And there’s no time limit to implement each phase. Once you’re comfortable with a phase, you add the next one and work at it until you feel comfortable with that one. Little by little you’ll see huge changes in how you feel! I know it!


Lifestyle pack

The Lifestyle Pack is something very important because it helps you deal with stress and sickness in a successful way. I’ve tried about a million things out there that did not work and I don’t want you to have to waste your time on those things. So this is a compilation of suggestions that have really helped me over the years to deal with my chronic health problems.

Here are some things you will learn: How do I stimulate the nerves that can reduce inflammation, help me relax, and improve digestion? Do my interactions with others affect my health and how can I make improvements? What are physical stressors and what can I do about them? How can changing the way I think about my illness help me recover faster? What are some alternative forms of medicine and testing that I should investigate and what do they do?

Access all this information on the MITFIT 90 site, or download a PDF version. I know this will help you find more enjoyment in life and feel much better regardless of your condition!

Because you asked:

Purchase the Lifestyle and Nutrition Packs Separately

If you’re interested in just the Lifestyle Pack or Nutrition Pack, now you can purchase them individually. At anytime you can upgrade to gain lifetime access to the entire MITFIT 90 program by simply paying the difference.

MITFIT 90 Lifestyle Pack
Add To Cart
MITFIT 90 Nutrition Pack
Add To Cart

And If you’re not Convinced yet…

I know it can be scary to make a commitment and purchase a fitness program. But, let me tell you, it’s even scarier to MAKE a fitness program for others! What helped me continue with this project was the feedback from users of my YouTube workouts. The comments from my dear followers provided the proof I needed that my method really works and gave me the motivation to continue with the MITFIT 90 project! Go ahead and read through these real-life testimonials to see how others have fared with my workouts and programs…


Bridget Curtiss

“My name is Bridget, and I am in my late twenties. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2015 along with suffering with other medical conditions. It definitely has been a life changing experience as well as a confusing several years. About a year ago, I made the decision to leave my dream job because I felt the job was no longer conducive for my health, and I have had to do a lot of soul searching.
 I will be honest that I have had many excuses for avoiding exercise. “I am in too much pain and shouldn’t exercise” or I was worried that I may cause a fibromyalgia flare if I did the wrong exercise or did too much too soon. Recently, I made the decision to take the leap and start exercising regularly because I wanted to feel healthier and stronger. I am so happy that I found your YouTube channel as it has been such an inspiration to me. It definitely gives me hope for a healthier and happier future. I cannot express accurately in words how grateful I am for your work in helping people such as myself to live healthier and happier lives. I am enjoying the 23 day workout plan. I just completed day #8, and I already feel leaner, longer, and stronger. It has been extremely beneficial to have a plan of what order to do the exercise videos in each day. I look forward to seeing my body continue to change. Thank you for continuing to make these videos.”


Jeanette Moser

“Getting an autoimmune disease definitely brought its downsides. It brought pain, fatigue, rashes, and depression. When I started to exercise regularly it rejuvenated my mind and helped get me out of a period of depression. It has helped me to loosen up my joints and to make my fatigue a little more manageable. Even though I will never be able to exercise lupus out of my life...I feel better. On top of that, I have lost 16 pounds since being diagnosed with lupus. No gym membership necessary! Just this little space by my bed and low to medium intensity workouts by Cocolime Fitness that are geared towards chronic pain and fatigue sufferers. I wanted to share this part of my journey to encourage any of you who are debating on taking the plunge to bettering your health. If I, a person with chronic pain and fatigue who is knee-deep in grad school studies can do it, so can you!”


Kim Russell

“I have been an athlete all my life and found I have arthritis in my lower back and elsewhere.  I’m too young for all this! LOL Your program has me moving again after a few years of almost complete inactivity.”


Daniele burt

“Hi! My name is Daniele and I have fibromyalgia and hashimoto’s disease. I am absolutely loving your workouts. I was in a very bad car accident 2.5 years ago, had a displaced broken tibia along with other more minor injuries. But because of all of the soft tissue damage in the car accident, they decided against surgery so my bone healed still displaced near my knee. I now have severe arthritis and pain in my left knee. I have been doing pretty well with these exercises and one of my favorites to do is the lazy day workout. It was the one that made me decide to purchase your 23 day plan. I think you’re a wonderful teacher and make it fun for me. Thank you for producing content that has actually made me excited to workout. I had tried a “boot camp” style program. The trainers there told me I’d be able to do everything, and though they did their best to modify for me, it just wasn’t working. I needed more rest days in between and at that point seemed useless. But I’m able to do your workouts 4-5 times a week. I’m feeling hopeful that I’ll be able to at least get back to the mobility and strength I had before my accident since I gained a lot of weight from not being able to walk for 4 months.”  


tuscon, Arizona

“Cocolime Fitness has been amazing for me.  After realizing my intense workouts were doing more harm than good to my body due to adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism, these workouts have been just what my body needed and craved.  With Suzanne’s workouts, I am able to workout daily like I love and I am seeing good results with some days only working out for 15 minutes!! I also really love her new build up series! Everyone who has chronic pain or fatigue needs to try CL Fitness!”


New Zealand

“I Thought I would send a note to say how fabulous your workouts are. I am a fat girl (formally fit girl) with cronic pain and adrenal fatigue. I found your youtube channel and it has made a difference. After I finished the first one I sat down and cried.....Why....because I had smiled all throughout your workout. I felt happy about exercise for the first time in ages. Thank you for the strength you show in creating these videos. I realise it can’t be easy. So sending you a big massive hug from a smiling Kiwi.”



“Hi Suzanne, I just wanted to message you to thank you so much for your Youtube channel! I’m overweight and recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I’m a certified fitness instructor but lost all ability to even walk fast without pain! I discovered your channel 2 weeks ago as a start of a new year health kick and I’m honestly so pleased with the results. I’ve lost around 4lbs by combining your workouts with healthier foods and a weekly aqua fitness class. So thank you for your channel!”

Tessa Corbett,


“I’m 21 years old and have been dealing with fibromyalgia for as long as I can remember. I was always super athletic as a child so when I stopped moving around near my teen years I started to struggle with body pain very badly. My pain and depression got so bad at one point that it pushed me to drop out of my first year at university. That was 3 years ago and I didn’t start workout out until I found your channel about 3-4 months ago. I have always done nutritional healing with vitamins and minerals and I stay away from my food allergies and intolerances. About 3 months ago I was diagnosed with Lyme disease which is the cause of my fibro. Working out to your videos 4 times a week, along with herbs, diet, vitamins and minerals I have noticed so much change in only 2 months. I have much more energy and I see physical change in my body. I’m starting to get abs and muscle definition on every single inch of my body! I feel motivated to workout, which I never thought was possible for me. I’m able to withstand more strenuous activity and even the simple things that used to cause unbelievable pain, hardly phase me anymore. I have been to so many specialists and doctors throughout the years but finding your channel made me feel like I wasn’t alone and made me want to get better. I just want to thank you for what you do! It has definitely changed my life.”

Amanda Whitford

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your website that I thankfully found after getting discouraged with “normal” exercise and being in so much pain and feeling worse after! I have fibromyalgia and CFS and had not exercised for months as I was too scared and every time I did I felt worse… I have been doing your workouts twice a week then your stretch videos on Friday. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THESE VIDEOS. THEY HAVE HELPED ME & MY BODY TO GET MOVING AGAIN!”


“I just wanted to thank you for these wonderful workout videos. I was an avid runner up until I was diagnosed with severe fibromyalgia and chronic myofascial pain syndrome earlier this year. I have been very depressed and upset at the possibility of never being able to run again. All I did was complain about my fate until I realized I was not doing myself any favors and I needed to set an example for my kids. I have gained during this process around 15 pounds so I was determined to regain my life back. I started eating healthy again, being positive and researching for some exercise videos that were easy enough for my condition to do but could allow me to continue to get moving without exacerbating my symptoms. So, I came across your website and I have to say that I have tried a few different workouts on your site and absolutely love them. I feel energized after I am done and specifically I do not feel like I am paying for doing them the next day. May the Lord Bless you today and always for these videos you are doing to help those out there that are suffering like me!”

Diana Alvarez

“Reminding you how much I love and appreciate you! I feel so much better since I found you last year! Love your new stuff, studio and app! P.S. I know so much of me sticking with you is because you get it! You speak for us and often times I feel like not only am I working out but I’m kinda attending therapy while doing it! You help me so much with my physical AND mental health!! Thanks so much!!!”


New York, USA

“As a wellness coach with multiple certifications including personal training and as someone who has taken countless classes over the years, I have a high set of standards for myself and for what I would recommend to my clients. I love Cocolime fitness and have added it to my “favorites” because Suzanne is a knowledgeable instructor who demonstrates good form (which is very important in terms of physical safety) is encouraging, inspiring and offers a great, fun workout routine. Exercising with her leaves me with a sense of accomplishment!”

Susan Savage McGuckin

“I have just started doing your videos this week. I haven’t exercised in a while due to chronic pain, fibro, and other injury ailments. I couldn’t find anything that provided a good workout without having to jump all around - everything is geared for people in shape and capabilities to push beyond my limits. I am really enjoying your approach and comments throughout the videos that provide positive reinforcement to do what you can and not feel guilty about your limitations. Turning 50, I know I really need to get back in shape so that I can begin to feel better and be in a body for the next 50 years. I will enjoy doing your videos throughout my journey back to fitness. Thank you!”

Maria Louisa Alonso Tagle

“Thank you so much! I do not have fibromyalgia, but I do have Complex PTSD and a depression that is going for over 7 years. When it is hard to breath it is almost impossible to do any exercise, so I kept gaining weight. A few weeks ago I started with your workouts because I couldn’t do any beginners normal workout. The amazing thing is I am still doing them, not every day, but definitely a couple times a week and believe it or not, I feel stronger, I get tired less, and those things have helped me a lot with my mental illness. I even feel more optimistic…”

Hardeep Singh Sandhu

“I was suffering from gastric problems, fatigue and bloating and had so many home remedies but it was not working. And then I start watching your videos and following the exercises for bloating and fatigue, it’s amazing. I feel much difference since day one so thank you very much for uploading these videos.”

Stuart Burns,


“Thank you for taking the time to put all you have together (and in the face of your own challenges) for those of us who are struggling with the verity of matters you are tackling. I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue 2 months ago after a battle which started 5 years ago suffering 2 minor Strokes a year apart, a closure of a hole in my heart, which was discovered due to my strokes, PTSD and a positive Lyme disease result in Feb of 2017 and all with the ongoing symptoms of Chronic Fatigue. I'm writing to you as I will soon be attending a years programme that is to give me strategies for managing myself and so improving my situation. I have a background in fitness and served in the British Army for 12 years in which I was a Physical Training Instructor and HM Prison service for 8 years as a Physical Education Officer. Now however I am at that place where as I journey along the road to recovery I want to help and empower others that a better life can be had and that we don't have to suffer. You have put together an amazing programme and all in the face of adversity yourself. Thank you again for doing all you are and I look forward to trying out your plan and seeing the results for myself.”

Kari Vatne Eide, Norway

“Hi, I am a 30 year old woman from Norway who just got diagnosed with fibromyalgia after dealing with chronic pain for about 15 years. I was also diagnosed with idiopathic hypersomnia 4 years ago, which causes a lot of problems with being tired and having fatigue. When I was younger I worked out a lot and had ambitions of being a professional dancer. Pain and sleepiness set an end to that, but I managed to get a bachelors degree in structural engineering instead. Thousands of times I have tried to workout on a regular basis but it has always ended in more pain and/or fatigue. I recently found your YouTube channel and I just have to applaud you for the amazing workouts and talks you do. Finally I have found workouts I can manage and I absolutely love how you don't try to push the viewer beyond their own limits. Another thing that makes your videos great is that you also get tired during the workouts and that you say that you can only do the light version of the movement today. This makes me feel more normal about my capacity and makes it easier to slow myself down when I have to. I love your channel so much that I have told my physical therapist about it, and she thought it sounded awesome as well, so she would check it out. I am really excited about the workout programs and the apps! I will definitely buy them all! Keep up the good work - I wish you the best of luck! Lots and love and gratitude from the small town of Molde in Norway.”

Raelene Deen, Australia

“Cocolime Fitness workouts are fun, safe and ENERGIZING! I love knowing I can exercise safely and feel awesome afterwards. Suzanne has such a positive approach to life and wellness. She offers sound advice and fun and effective workouts! Thank you so much.”

Leanne @farfallacuore

I’ve been completing some of your workouts for the last 3 weeks. I am eternally grateful for the videos. I used to be incredibly active, then as you know, things changed dramatically and, I found it incredibly difficult to even move for days, putting weight on fast. I came across your videos, I watched some, tried some and I was hooked. Thank you for your positiveness… Also I wanted to say it’s great the way you encourage and sympathize throughout the workouts, absolutely helps getting through on bad days when I don’t want to move. Knowing I’ll feel better after and that you’ve designed this for us chronic pain warriors really helps… I’ve gone down 2 sizes since beginning. Keep being the amazing you!


I’ve lost 6 inches from my waist and not sure of other measurements…Its amazing the amount of inflammation I have lost…Thank you again! Im glad to follow and spread your mission as much as I can. God bless.”

Amanda Guarino

“I just wanted to say a quick thank you. I’m turning 40 this year and I have always hated high impact workouts. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started a workout routine then stopped because it was just too much for me. I’ve been doing your workouts for a year now. They are always fun and I feel great! I love that there are so many different ones to choose from, depending on how I’m feeling. You are fun, you’re relatable and you’re extremely encouraging. I appreciate all of those qualities so again, thank you!”

Susanna, Sweden

“I’m a 26 year old girl from Sweden. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia two years ago, but have been living with it since I was 10 (not knowing what it was). The past years I’ve been trying to do workouts, but with the result of headaches and feeling worse than before… But 6 months ago I found you. I always feel so much better after doing your workouts, thanks to your knowledge and your incredible personality (it always makes me smile)! :) My favorite part in all of your videos I when you don’t edit the film, or when you say that you have to take a break, or fall over because of your balance. That makes you human, and among the videos on YouTube, also unique. I really do love it! I can’t thank you enough for your videos, and I really hope that you understand that you are a life changer (for the better of course)!”

Natalaie Ptak Phoenix

“You are such an inspiration, and I have recommended your program to a number of folks including a mental health professional who is going to share it with her fibro patients. Keep fighting the good fight! You help so many of us!”

Daniela Cano Derksen

“Absolutely love your videos! Just started, but already noticing how good they help to feel stronger in my own body. Really happy I found these so I can finally train without overdoing anything with my fibromyalgia! And you make me laugh during the workout! Big plus haha… thank you!’

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