Why do I need to exercise often to feel better?

If you are dealing with and autoimmune disease you need to continue to move your body through regular, moderate exercise, even if it is initially difficult to do, because there are so many long-term benefits that can help you heal faster. Studies have proven that moderate amounts of moderate intensity exercise boosts the immune system, decreases inflammation in the body, increases overall mobility - causing less pain issues, improves your mood and memory, helps you sleep better, and more. All of these things are essential to healing your body and eventually causing you to look and feel better. Exercise is medicine if it is done in the right way and in the right amounts. Do whatever you can to move more throughout your day, you won’t regret it! The workouts here are safe, moderate intensity, and easy on the body so you can safely have the help you need to move more often! 

Suzanne Wickremasinghe