How are these workouts different than other traditional workouts seen elsewhere? 

All of the the workouts offered from Cocolime Fitness are medium intensity and low-impact so as not to overly fatigue or stress your body, like many other traditional workouts, yet they have been specifically designed to be extremely effective at increasing your energy, decreasing your pain levels, burning loads of calories, and toning and tightening up your muscles. Most workouts today are designed to either calm your body through things like stretching or challenge and fatigue your body through things like HIIT, Tabata or CrossFit. Cocolime Fitness workouts find a healthy balance between the two so that you benefit more from each workout without stressing out your body. You will find a variety of different kinds of workouts so that you can choose something that you enjoy doing, as well as having the option of changing up what you do each day to keep it interesting and to keep your body guessing for maximum results long term. You no longer have to be stuck with just stretching, pilates, or yoga anymore if you are sick or hate high intensity training. Finally…hurray for that! 

Suzanne Wickremasinghe