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Mitfit 90 Nutrition Pack

This nutrition pack will provide you with 9 different scientifically backed nutritional guidelines I personally have used to make myself feel better over time, and that are supporting my fitness goals successfully. Keep in mind the tips included in this pack are not a prescription nor does it include a specific meal plan recommended by me because I am not a certified nutritionist or a doctor, but they are simply guidelines of things you could try that are natural, safe, practical and easy to implement into your life. You might be surprised at some of the things I share with you here, as they might go against everything you have heard with regards to feeling better and getting in shape, but trust me, these things work for many people, in fact, they are working for me as we speak, so I can’t wait for you to benefit from these tips as well! Keep in mind that results differ from person to person, so please try not to compare yourself to someone else’s progress and remember lasting change takes time, so results may not show up for at least a few months after consistent application of these guidelines. Always try to listen to your body and its signals and do what feels right for you along the journey.

How to use thE Nutrition Pack:

Start with Phase #1 for at least 10 days so that you can get used to it without feeling stressed or overwhelmed, and when you feel ready, incorporate Phase #2. Continue in the same way until you are comfortable following all 9 phases together at one time. If you choose to add on a new phase every 10 days it will take you 90 days to complete the pack. However, remember it’s always best to go at your own pace and don’t rush it if you aren’t ready to move on every 10 days. The phases are designed to work in a way that accommodates your very specific body and needs. These may seem like small steps but they lead to major changes over time so try not to overdo it at first. For best results go slow, enjoy the changes you see, and I suggest keeping track of how each phase makes you feel by way of a journal in order for you to clearly see your progress over time. And please remember the plan is to get you to feel better long term so you can do more and reach your fitness goals, so at this point try to resist the urge to do more than is stated in the Nutrition Pack. I have personally tested these phases and live by the suggestions myself and have used them to help others with chronic health issues! Are you ready? Let’s get started with Phase #1. Enjoy…

Download a PDF version of the MITFIT 90 Nutrition Pack HERE. I request that you do not share this information via printed or electronic form with others. Thank you for protecting my content!












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