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MITFIT 90 Lifestyle Pack

The Lifestyle Pack will provide you with 9 different scientifically backed lifestyle changes that I personally have incorporated into my daily life that have worked wonders in helping me feel so much better over time. All of these tips are completely natural, safe, practical and easy to implement into your life, and most are totally free! At first you might think some of these suggestions are just too simple to be effective, or that you just don’t have time to waste on them - actually that is exactly how I felt about them at first, too, but let me assure you that they work and have been instrumental in my and many others’ healing process, so please just give them a try and see how you feel! You might be totally surprised at some of the results you get from simple concepts. Keep in mind these tips are natural, so it may take longer for you to see noticeable changes with your health. Don’t give up too early! Try to just enjoy the journey. And remember results differ from person to person so please try not to compare yourself to someone else’s progress. Finally, alway listen to your body and its signals.

How to use the Lifestyle Pack:

Start with Phase #1, and try to do it for at least 10 days or longer so that you can get comfortable with it and it starts to become more part of your regular routine. This usually takes up to 21 days for most people so if you aren’t ready to move onto the next phase after 10 days don’t feel bad at all, that is normal… When you are ready incorporate Phase #2 and do the same thing until you are comfortable following all 9 phases together at one time. As you can imagine this may take several months, but remember slow and steady wins the race… it took you a long time to sick so it will take some time to get better! Don’t be fooled by chasing after fast results - they usually lead to fast setbacks…

I strongly suggest tracking your progress with each phase to see how they are helping you. This will be helpful when you’re tempted to go back to some of your previous practices. Are you ready? Let’s get started with Phase #1! Enjoy…

Download a PDF version of the Lifestyle Pack HERE. I request that you do not share this information via printed or electronic form with others. Thank you for protecting my content!











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