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Mitfit 90 - Now Available to Purchase!

Are you ready to get in shape, while feeling amazing and energized at the same time? Usually when we choose a fitness program our goal is to look and feel amazing but, let’s face it, the opposite always seems to happen. The programs are often so intense and so rigorous that over time we give up and end up gaining all the weight we lost from doing them. We find ourselves feeling frustrated and exhausted, all the while putting a huge dent in our egos and pocket books… am I right?

Well, that is why I am creating a fitness program for you guys that will do the exact opposite, and I can’t wait to tell you more about it!

MITFIT 90 is a complete fitness program that is unlike anything else out there! Most quick “intense” programs are designed to get you in shape fast, but leave you exhausted or in pain and can cause more weight gain and less muscle mass over time if they aren’t done correctly, or aren’t right for your body and condition. Many “easy” and “calming” workout programs available today may leave you lengthened and and in less pain, but they often do not help you achieve your fitness goals or increase your strength and endurance… But MITFIT 90 will be totally different!

It has exercise routines that I have specifically designed to combine the needs of reducing pain, achieving more energy, and reaching your fitness goals fast! Each toning routine is different and you will never repeat the same exercise twice in the same routine. This helps to keep your muscles guessing, which increases strength, corrects any muscle imbalances, and prevents unnecessary injury or pain caused from too much repetition. Each cardio routine is fun and gets your heart rate up so you can burn calories and lose weight over time, while still being low-impact and medium intensity to prevent energy dips and joint pain. And there will also be many more, easy to implement, helpful tools included with the program such as a nutrition guide and lifestyle tips to help you reach your health and fitness goals even faster!

Here are the things you will get with the program:

  • 13 new exclusive workouts that will not be available anywhere else.

  • A progressive 90 day workout schedule specifically designed to be done in a sequence over time for faster results without overly fatiguing your body. For many people the program will last six months or more!

  • 50 CLF allergy-free recipes to help you lessen inflation and pain.

  • A thoroughly researched tips and tricks guide of alternative, natural methods to help you better deal with fatigue and pain issues.

  • A nutrition guide to help you get in shape faster.

I’m so thrilled to be able to bring this program to you and truly wish it will help everyone who wants to feel and look better! Please help me spread the word about this unique program by sharing Cocolime Fitness with others you know dealing with chronic pain or fatigue issues, or for those who want results without killing themselves in the process. Check out these free workouts from the program and see if they help you to have “less pain, more energy and fast results” … Stay Strong!

MITFIT90 Sample Workouts:

If you are looking for more Cocolime Fitness workouts to try for free, here are some from my YouTube channel. This is where it all started and where I got the feedback I needed to keep going and provide targeted workouts to help our community of chronic illness sufferers. I know you’ll feel better with these workouts, so go ahead and give them a try!

Sample Workouts from my YouTube Channel:




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