Try one or two of these workouts before you purchase one of my exercise programs and see how you feel! Don't forget to always listen to your body, only exercise on days you're not completely exhausted, and be sure to check that it's safe for your particular condition by reading the titles and descriptions carefully. I highly recommend you use my workouts as part of a program so you get the most benefit without overdoing it. Thanks for your support and I hope you'll be on your way to looking and feeling better soon!

If your spine is out of alignment it can cause many health problems, including a poor memory and a loss in energy, but this stretch will help to improve your posture greatly so you can feel better in no time.
See how to beat your belly bloat (often caused from IBS, IBD and Colitis) with this 10 min gentle stretch to help flaten your stomach. Do this routine as often as you need and you will feel better and less uncomforatble in no time. Enjoy!
Try this easy stretch workout if you have pain in your knees, legs, hips or low back and having trouble preforming everyday tasks or exercises. In less than 15 minutes you can help realign your body and open up your hips so that you have less pain, better mobility and even a flatter stomach due to correcting your posture.
If you have forward head syndrome, sciatica nerve pain, bad posture, or even just want to get rid of cellulite on your thighs and butt, then you need to try these simple, easy to follow, foam rolling exercises to help you feel and look better!
This routine is great for people dealing with chronic pain caused from neck and back issues, such as "forward head syndrome", "fibromyalgia" "arthritis" & many others. In less than 15 minutes you should feel relief from pain and if you stick with this routine several times a week you will start to notice the pain disappearing over time.
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