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MitFit 90 Workout Calendar

Are you ready to feel and look better? These workouts are going to help you get back to being YOU! I’m really excited for your journey. Here are some tips to use the Workout Calendar effectively:

  • Follow the calendar of workouts in order.

  • It’s ok if you have to rest and take a few days in between workouts. When you feel ready to exercise again, pickup right where you left off. So for instance, let’s say on day 12 you feel too exhausted to work out. I recommend you wait until you feel better. So maybe two days later you feel up to exercising, you should continue with Day 12. Don’t skip workouts! Most likely MITFIT 90 will take you way longer than 90 days to complete. That’s ok - in fact, I counted on that!

  • For the Cardio Dance videos, I purposely didn’t provide details about the footwork. That can get a bit overwhelming to worry about. Just move with me the best you can and have fun! You’ll get the moves in time, and you’ll be doing the video again on a future day so each time you’ll get better. Just enjoy it!

  • I don’t recommend adding extra workouts to a day that you are feeling good. We often have the tendency to overdo it when we are feeling good, so I don’t want you to do that and then crash the next day!

  • You can repeat an entire phase if you feel you’d like to get more comfortable with it before moving on to the next phase.

  • The tan colored buttons are free days for you to rest.

Download the MITFIT 90 Workout Calendar Printout Here! Keep track of your progress, and remember to go at your own pace. It’s ok to take days off in between workouts if you need to. Don’t skip workouts. It could take six months to finish the MITFIT 90 Program if needed. Enjoy the journey and feel better!


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