In this 40 minute cardio workout, I will take you through several kickboxing and active stretch intervals to raise your heart rate, burn calories and release those feel good hormones, all without stressing your body out. This is a great workout if you are wanting to sweat without getting fatigued. Enjoy!


"I love this new series of sweat and stretch. My hamstrings were so tight this morning, but after this workout I feel amazing. Thanks Again for an amazing workout!" - Kim and Travis Antons

"That was a great workout Suzanne, and those 40 minutes just flew by!" - Phyllis Chaussee

"Thank you soon much before fibro I did combat boxercise meta fit and advanced yoga it truly was my life I've been struggling for 4 years now to find exercise that I can manage and enjoy this took me back and I'm going to do it daily I had to stop a few times but I'm going to keep going till I manage it all so happy 😀" - Jenny Harris

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