This easy to follow, pilates inspired, total body workout is gentle on the joints while still being very effective at toning you up. You can do this home workout right in your pajamas with just a mat and no other equipment. It is great for anyone just having a tired day but also so beneficial for those dealing with chronic fatigue. This is going to my go to workout from now on when I am feeling run down. I hope you enjoy this one as much as me. Please let me know in the comments below what you thought.

Level: Beginners

Equipment: Mat

Intensity: Low

Safe For: Anyone with any health issue!


"Such a wonderful video,I was able to do everything and didn't have any major pain and even feel very relaxed and wonderful! And the timing was perfect for me, yay♡" - Desirae Hernandez

"Thank you so much for continuing to make videos to help with fibromyalgia, im so thankful I can still workout and take the time to do something for my body! This was perfect for today as my pain has flared up and i have been very fatigued today!!" - Amy O'Leary

"I haven't ever been able to get into Yoga, so this was a good "in-between" for me that I wasn't bored and still got a good stretch out of it on my "lazy-sore" workout day. Thanks!" - Chelsey Morris

"Really enjoyed this workout. Couple of ones I can't do yet, but I'll get there." - Venicia Hughes

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