If you are dealing with chronic health problems, such as fibromyalgia and adrenal fatigue, are a beginner to exercise, or just hate all of those difficult, intense workout routines out there, you are going to love Cocolime Fitness! I have designed fun, low-impact, low-intense workouts for all kinds of people, including healthy and unhealthy, fit and out of shape, and people who want or need something different with their exercise routines.


I am a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor who has been dealing with chronic health problems for years! In and effort to feel better naturally and get back in shape I searched everywhere for low-stress, traditional workouts that I could enjoy doing, that my body could handle and that still gave me results. I found nothing! So out of desperation and necessity I did my research and I developed my own personal workouts that did just that! Now I am sharing them with you.

- Suzanne Wickremasinghe

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A few comments about Cocolime Fitness:

I came across your website and  you really inspired me as I had never considered how stretching and exercising in the ‘right way’ designed specifically for this type of mental and physical pain could improve my life. Well it has! Not only has it changed my body shape, it has helped  me to relax and I feel much more optimistic about life.
— Denice, USA
As a wellness coach with multiple certifications including personal training and as someone who has taken countless classes over the years, I have a high set of standards for myself and for what I would recommend to my clients.  I love Cocolime fitness and have added it to my “favorites” because Suzanne is a knowledgeable instructor who demonstrates good form (which is very important in terms of physical safety) is encouraging, inspiring and offers a great, fun workout routine.  Exercising with her leaves me with a sense of accomplishment!
— Michelle, USA
Cocolime fitness workouts are fun, safe and ENERGIZING! I love knowing I can exercise safely and feel awesome afterwards. Suzanne has such a positive approach to life and wellness. She offers sound advice and fun and effective workouts! Thanks Suzanne.
— Raelene, Australia

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