This 30 minute gentle toning workout is designed for Fibromyalgia pain relief & beginners to help shape up your booty and legs using traditional exercises made easier so that you can get fit without causing any unnecessary pain or fatigue after your finished. This is part of my new series "Fibro-Fit" that will include cardio and toning workouts made specifically for chronic pain sufferers to help them feel and look better naturally. Start doing this routine with no weights in the beginning and see how you feel 1-2 days after, even if you feel you can do more at first, and then if you feel good from that add in the weights the next time you do this routine, slowly increasing the weight or increasing the repetitions. I am so excited about this one guys! Enjoy.

Level: Beginner

Equipment: Mat, Chair, Foam Roller or Towel, & Optional Light Free Weights

Intensity: Low

Safe For: Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue, Hashimotos, Hypothyroidism, Adrenal Fatigue, ect.


"I exercised to one of the leg workouts. I can tell you really understand chronic disease. I have a primary immune disorder, an autoimmune bleeding disorder, hypothyroidism and R.A. when I first got ill, it was like a wave of fatigue and pain I could not get out from under. I,have been ill for 14 years and have gained a lot of weight and my body weakened. I am slowly pulling myself.out of the fatigue. Over the last couple.of years I have been tracking my food, mostly vegan, no dairy or gluten. I cannot digest them anymore. I have been exercising consistently. Thanks for inspiring me I am sweaty but happy." - Alyssa Rosengard
"Another perfect session for us fybro folks! Not too much but felt the burn just enough to feel good about myself and like I wasn't being "wimpy"! Thanks for the positive words towards the end! You really target what we feel , experience and need to keep remembering!" - Diana Alvarez
"Loving your fibro series. So far so good. Having something in manageable bites is way more attainable. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to produce these routines." - Tonia Brown

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