10 MINUTE HOW TO BE MORE HAPPY WORKOUT- For Depression & Anxiety. This is an easy, total body circuit workout that includes cardio and toning without stressing your body out while increasing the level of your "happy" hormones so you feel better all day long!
WORKOUT FOR FLEXIBILITY- 10 minute Relaxing Stretch On The Mat. Join me for a 10 minute, easy, relaxing workout to help increase your flexibility and stretch your out. You can use this at the end of any one of our workouts or right before bed to calm you down and help you fall asleep faster.
10 MINUTE EASY HOME WORKOUT TO LOSE FAT- Great For Adrenal Fatigue Sufferers and Beginners! You can get in shape without stressing your body out. If you are ready to do more than just stretching routines come check this out. I know you will LOVE IT!
Get ready to start your day with the easy routine that is sure to putt your in a better mood. Its only 10 min long and includes a low impact warmup and a nice stretching routine. You can use it before any one of our workouts or to just feel better if you having a hard day.
EASY FAT BURNING FULL BODY WORKOUT!- Functional Training for Beginners and Pain & Fatigue Sufferers. If you are new to working out or are just looking for a more low intense or low impact weight loss routine , but want more than Yoga and Pilates, you are going to love this workout!
10 MIN EASY HIP HOP DANCE WORKOUT- Low Impact & Low Intensity For Any Level! If you want to do a fun dance home workout but have a hard time getting through many of the regular routines out there, due to chronic pain or fatigue, come check out this short 10 minute video.
BEGINNERS FAT BLASTING CARDIO KICKBOXING LOW-IMPACT WORKOUT! Great for chronic fatigue sufferers, beginners and those who hate difficult cardio routines. If you love the power of kickboxing classes but just don't have the stamina or energy to get through them, you have to try this lower intensity version designed specifically to get you results if you stick with it 2-3 days a week!