Unlike traditional strength workouts that repeat the same move for multiple sets and often fatigue the joints, this workout has been designed to build muscle using a different exercise for every set in order to prevent boredom and unnecessary wear and tear on the body, all while helping you to help reshape your butt, thighs and legs at home using free weights! Even if you are a beginner to exercise or someone dealing with chronic health issues such as moderate to light Adrenal or Chronic Fatigue you can do this workout without exhausting your body too much! Just pace yourself, choose a weight that is challenges you, and always listen to your body.

Level: Intermediate

Equipment: 8-10 pound weights

Intensity: Medium

Safe For: Beginners, Light Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism, Light Adrenal Fatigue, Light Chronic Fatigue, Joint Pain, Anxiety and Depression, Insomnia, IBS, IDB.


"Thank you so much for your workouts! I have Fibro. and am so hard on myself but I feel like when I workout w/you, that you're my supportive big sister!" - Jessica Crouch

"I love this new workout!!! I use your videos everyday and think this is one of my favorites. I know I am going to feel it tomorrow! I have been using your videos for about 3 months now and can see a change in my muscle tone! I love your comments about what area we are working and how it will change the way I look. When you comment about my inner thighs rubbing, it keeps me motivated and working harder when I want to give up! Thank you for all of your videos!" - Kim and Travis Antons

"Loved this one! I even added some stomach crunches at the end as i desperately need that toning up! 🤣 Oh and I love Coconut! Thank you!" - Lord and Lordettes

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