This LOW-IMPACT, easy to follow workout is great for Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue & Adrenal Fatigue sufferers, beginners, seniors and those who have other mobility issues! Using light weights, safe exercises, and moves that never repeat, you will get a complete toning class that should not only help you to feel better, but help you to look better as well if you are consistent with it a few times a week. This class is a great yoga alternative if you are looking to do a traditional strength workout without causing unnecessary pain to your body.

If you like this workout, then you'll love my complete 23 day program, Get Fit With Fatigue & Pain, to help you to feel and look better!

Fitness for Chronic Pain & Fatigue - Only $1 per day!

Your journey to feel and look better starts here!

This program is designed to help you feel less pain and gain more energy! Safe for chronic pain and fatigue sufferers! What you get is an easy to follow PDF file with links to the workouts for each day. Just click on the links and you're video is ready to go!

  • 23 days of workouts

  • Low-Medium Intensity, Low Impact

  • All days include a warmup and cool down

  • Good for beginners, too

  • No Monthly Fees

The downloadable file guides you through the proper sequence to get fit and feel better using Cocolime Fitness Workouts. If you have to skip a few days in between, that's ok! Just keep progressing with the sequence. You will see results within the first few days! 

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